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We're In This Together Now

maybe there's a place for us...

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Well, you've found my little LJ corner! Go you ;)


Well, I can write a lot or a little here. Basics - skeleton basics (this is where labels are handy). I am a philosophy graduate, and I currently work for an animal protection organization. I'm in my late 20's (eeps. time flies. it does. have fun with every day). I am currently learning German, and will be moving to Europe in T minus 11 months. Apparently, according to my mum, I sound Swiss. She finds this really very amusing. I have no idea why.

Right now, I'm very much drawn to all things pünktlich. A delayed quasi-adolescent bloom? Who knows.

I am in be-kind-to-self mode lately; I am getting over a massively bad bleeding ulcer, that swallowed up the majority of my 20's in nausea, vomiting, and general malaise. I was semi-recently confirmed as having Celiacs.

My previous lifestyle of excessive coffee drinking and skipping meals has been phased out to incorporate equally large quantities of tea (Lapsang Souchong is a personal favourite, but I also love chai and dessert-y type flavors.)

In an average day, I drink too much coffee-or-tea, run, write and probably waste too much time reading fanfic (guilty pleasure!) I really need to switch this around a bit and spend more time connecting with friends. Alas - I need a more involved social life.

My current obsessions are The Mentalist, and William Blake poetry. I am a huge Simon Baker fan. I think Patrick Jane is the most adorable character of all time. Maybe even topping Cary Grant in glasses. That says something, coming from me. I also LOVE Spencer Reid. Yes, love. I used the word love. ;)

Big Stieg Larsson fan too. As dark as the "Millennium" trilogy is, it has grown on me.

I want to find meaning, find work that feels meaningful, and find inner peace. I am prone to existential nihilism.

from childhood's hour i have not been
as others were - i have not seen
as others saw - i could not bring
my passions from a common spring
from the same source i have not taken
my sorrow; i could not awaken
my heart to joy at the same tone
and all i lov'd, i lov'd alone...